Satanic Panic: A burlesque show in Chicago for fans and followers of the occult

(Photo by Split Sugar Photography)

You know how you’re always talking about wanting to try something different?

Satanic Panic — which is scheduled to take place March 24 at the SAIC Ballroom in Chicago — will bring together performers from the burlesque world and fans and followers of the occult for a macabre show with social commentary.

The premise revolves around trashy talk show host Gerald Rivers (played by Dickson Detroit) and his exposé on Satan worshipping, with panelists debating its impact on society in front of you, the studio audience. Satanic Panic was created by burlesque performer Red Rum, who appeared on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” in 2015 and has been involved in the burlesque scene for six years.

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Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl turns 10

Zombie Pub Crawl
Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl participants in 2013. (Photo by Natasha J. Photography)

The Zombie Pub Crawl has been reppin’ the living dead since before it was even cool.

Members of the pH Comedy Theater started the tradition in 2007 – that’s three years before AMC’s “The Walking Dead” premiered, for the record – as a fundraiser for their show season and educational programs. The Zombie Pub Crawl caught on because people like day drinking and dressing up in costumes and now the annual bar-hop is set to celebrate its 10th anniversary April 29 in the Andersonville neighborhood.

“It’s grown since the early days,” said ph Comedy Theater executive director Brett Mannes, by email. “… I do think ‘The Walking Dead’ gave it a bit of an energy boost for a few years. It certainly inspired some costumes.”

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