Jack the Ripper tour: Nothing to see here

There was nothing to photograph during the Jack the Ripper tour in London’s East End, so I took this photo of a street lamp in the area.

There were four different Jack the Ripper walking tours hovering around the same square in the East End of London on Saturday evening. That number doesn’t include the other Jack the Ripper tours walking around nearby or the tours that took place earlier that day, one of which is run by the Jack the Ripper Museum.

All this for a serial killer who is believed to have murdered five people.

Yeah, I thought the death count was higher as well. But I also knew almost nothing about Jack the Ripper until I took the tour run by London Walks. My tour began with the knowledgeable guide explaining that interest in Jack the Ripper has remained high after all these years because of the gruesome manner in which he or she committed the murders and the fact that this person was never caught, among other reasons. Continue reading “Jack the Ripper tour: Nothing to see here”


Bloody right New Orleans has a vampire tour

Haunted History Tours guide Gwydion takes visitors on a vampire tour throughout New Orleans.

I have to hand it to my guide for the Vampire tour in New Orleans: He certainly looked the part.

Gwydion — as he introduced himself — looked like he was straight out of “The Lost Boys” with his long hair and leather jacket. He gave the tour run by Haunted History Tours a hip, gothic vibe rather than a cartoony “I vant to suck your blahd” feel, not that I would have minded that interesting approach either.

The 90-minute walking tour takes visitors around the French Quarter to various locations associated with vampires, according to Gwydion, though some tales had little to do with drinking blood and seemed more appropriate for a ghost tour (Haunted History gives those as well).

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