Atlanta Zombie Run to be held where ‘Walking Dead’ films Kingdom scenes

Zombie run
(Photo couresy of Zombie Run)

Zombie Run is giving you the opportunity to run The Kingdom, so to speak.

The 5K race that pits runners against zombies will take place April 29 at Atlanta’s Fort McPherson, which is where “The Walking Dead” films its Kingdom scenes. The Kingdom, for those who don’t watch AMC’s zombie drama, is a community of survivors led by King Ezekiel that found shelter in an abandoned school.

In real life, Fort McPherson was an active U.S. Army military base from 1885 to 2011. Tyler Perry bought 330 acres of land on the property in 2015 and turned it into a film studio, which is used by “The Walking Dead.”

Runners will be a given a flag football belt and attempt to dodge flag-grabbing zombies on the way to the finish line. Those who finish with at least one flag in their belt will be awarded “survivor” medals while those who finish flag-less will receive “infected” medals (wah-wah). The course is expected to feature obstacles involving cars, fences and balance beams.

But this zombie run requires more than just speed and endurance. Runners will need a little strategy and luck as well to avoid hungry zombies.

“We occasionally add dead ends and decision making trails,” said Zombie Run founder Richard Vaughn, by email.

Runners can take the long way, where there are less zombies, or opt for a risky shortcut, where, you guessed it, there are more zombies.

Zombie run 3
(Photo courtesy of Zombie Run)

In addition to Atlanta, Zombie Run currently has races scheduled for Gulfport, Miss. (April 22) and Nashville (June 3).

Those who want to get involved but don’t feel like running the race can sign up to be zombies. You can be a Chaser zombie (picture the frantic zombies in “Zombieland,” “28 Days Later,” “World War Z” and “Return of the Living Dead”) or a Stumbler zombie (picture the sluggish zombies in most of the genre’s other films).

“Folks who run want to be a runner,” Vaughn said of past Zombie Run participants, “while the Zombie positions attract folks interested in pop culture.”

Zombie Run

When: April 29
Where: Fort McPherson; 1788 Hardee Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia
Admission: $54 for runners ($75 if purchased day of race),
$35 for zombies;


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