Zombie survival game in England a 13-hour, overnight experience

PLZ Survival in Southwest England places participants in the zombie apocalypse, where the key to survival is stealth and smarts. (Photo by Kenneth Cox)

Wanna play “Walking Dead”?

PLZ Survival is offering a 13-hour, overnight experience in Southwest England called VacanZ that places you in the zombie apocalypse. The interactive competition takes place nightly April 14-16 in Plymouth, Devon and is set in a future where good and bad communities have formed in the fight for survival, just like in the hit AMC zombie drama.

Participants are placed in groups from the very beginning with friends and/or strangers. The goal is to make it until the end without being infected (touched on the arm).

“(Participants) will be taken away in a minibus to a secret location where they will have to use their brains, as well as their physical abilities, to outsmart zombies and characters along the way,” said PLZ Survival co-founder Jude Hesmondhalgh, by email. “Luxuries will be taken away, including mobile phones, coffee and tea.

“Our current location is top secret but we have been known to hold events by the sea, in abandoned theaters and farms.”

(Photo by Kenneth Cox)

Co-founder Elliot Van Laere began hosting these types of events in 2015 and then joined forces with Hesmondhalgh, a theater director, to create PLZ Survival. The company’s first event, Resurrection Z, took place in November during the day, with each event lasting around 2-3 hours. PLZ will offer this day time option again April 11-13.

The night time event offers guests a significantly bigger challenge due to the longer time frame. Participants will be constantly on edge and unaware when the next pack of zombies will present itself.

“The key to survival is stealth and reasoning,” Hesmondhalgh said. “If you can be smart and know how to talk to other survivors, as well as stay out of zombie attention, you will have a greater chance of survival.”


When: April 11-13 day event, April 14-16 overnight event
Where: Participants will be taken to an undisclosed location in the Plymouth-area, located in Southwest England.
Tickets: £40 for day event, £79 for overnight event; plzsurvival.co.uk


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